Our primary objective is to help your professional practice to grow.  ORIX Asia Limited was one of the first financial institutions that answered the call of professionals for the need of unique financial solutions.
We have accumulated a long history in serving the local professionals like medical doctors, professional accountants, lawyers, pilots and so on. Our finance solution for Professionals includes not only the financing on automobiles, equipment, properties, tax payments, fitting-out works, pleasure boats, but also includes professional indemnity and unsecured loans, which illuminates our diversity of service, echoing the needs of customers.

Types of products:
  • Equipment, Vehicle and Vessel Finance
  • Decoration Lease
  • Tax Loan
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance loan
  • Unsecured Term Loan
  • Mortgage

Target customers:

Professionals who have good academic education background, special training and chartered qualification (preferable high income and long experience in their own professions), such as:
  • Medical Practitioners, Dental Surgeon, Doctors, Clinics
  • Solicitor, Barristers, Law firms
  • Engineers, Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Others: Pilot, Civil servants, Chartered Secretary

Application has been made very easy for our tempting offer:


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